Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Feeling like a hinderance on my Guild

For a casual progression guild, we've kept moving fairly well. The guild I'm in, We Fight For Glory, actually keeps pretty busy gearing lower tiered members on non-progression days, and working on what we can on progression days. I can't help but feel, though, that I'm holding them back at times. One of our tanks insists that his opinion is fairly standard and I am "main heals" for the guild, while I see the healing roles and equally important and not-so-much denoting main or secondary titles (at least not since I left Kismets.)

We do well in new-to-guild content, having downed The Assembly of Iron and Auriaya last week and putting Flame Leviathan, Kologarn, XT-002, and Ignis on farm. I know that at this point, after the release of 3.2, that isn't an amazing track record, but very few of us (myself being one) have come from hardcore backgrounds, and what with my hectic seven-day-a-week work schedule, a self-imposed practice period for music, and raiding, I don't want to get burned out so I'm satisfied until I can level things out.

That's just my problem, I feel that because of my status as one of the "top" healers in WFfG, my work schedule cutting off my raid time, and my inability to help more than mats, healing, and advice (for now, I need to finish levelling cooking) I'm just damaging the guild's raid progress. I wanted to address this because I know there are other people that feel this way, whether it be work, school, or just life in General, I want to throw this out there:

You're not holding your guild back, if they thought you were, I bet you'd get a hell of a lot less raid invites.

The problem we face after that is how to maximize our limited time or how to find a guild with the right time frames. Honestly, this can be impossible if you're unwilling to server transfer, and after three on Guari and one on Lumeov, I'm less than willing to move again. I enjoy my home on Firetree, but there are only three options open to me.

1.) Stop raiding-Simply said, Simple Solution and, to be frank, that's not going to happen.

2.)Find a Raiding Guild that matches your availability-
That was my thing at first, when I transferred to Firetree, WFfG DID match my scheduled availability, but due to things beyond the GM's control, that changed less than a week after I joined. I've already transferred, so I'm sticking with it.

This particular choice can be very difficult, not only in finding a guild that can meet your specific time requirements, but in leaving behind a guild you're familiar with. Aside from requiring a large amount of communication, this can be approached from a couple of different angles.

a.) Trade/GuildRecruitment: Both are pretty excellent tools to get yourself out there. Though you might not want to be open about your search at first, or you might get washed out in the sea of absurdity in /b/... I mean Trade Chat, /join guildrecruitment you might just find a gem.
b.)Ask people you PuG with: A lot of guilds might not be actively recruiting, but if you prove yourself capable, they'll more than likely take you. Most PuGgers are more than willing to share information about their guild anyway. It never hurts to ask.
c.)WoW Forums: Never underestimate the forums. It's how I've found a majority of guilds I've been in, from casual with no interest in raiding to hardcore. A lot of people use the forums.

3.)If available, assemble a secondary group you'd be willing to lead-
Not very many people like PuGs, and if you can get guildies together to run things, that's probably the optimal choice. Sure, it might require a few weeks of Naxx and getting everyone primed and set on the whole teamwork aspect but if everyone's willing you can have an elite group in no time and set IT to suit YOUR needs while staying with the guildmates you know and love. (Well, maybe you don't love them, but still)

Now my problem, and this may match some of yours, is that I work nights so I need to find a morning or afternoon time raid guild to maximize available time. As it stands, I'm one hour behind server time on Firetree, so starting at 9:30 server and having to be at work at 10:00 my time gives me about an hour and fifteen minutes before I need to jet. This is problematic and the afternoons are prime times for taking care of those sleeping, eating, bill paying nuances of life, so my best option is mornings.

That being said, and having searched to see what I can find (to no avail) my only real option is to start a group of my own.

Let's see how that goes.


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