Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Progress! Progress! Personal Insight on Approaching new content.

Not everyone out there has been in 5, 10, or 25 man Coliseum.
Then again, not everyone has been in 10 or 25 man Ulduar!
Or even 10 or 25 OS, EoE, or VoA!

I know this may come as a shock, but I even know people who haven't been in a Heroic, or even to the Continent of Northrend!

One of the first things that I make sure to do anytime WoW comes up in a conversation, whether it be with my Mother, a stranger, a friend, or a Co-Worker, is that I enjoy how it manages to cater to the more hardcore gamer spectrum as well as the more casual gamers. There always will be complaining that Blizzard favors one over the other, but I honestly don't feel this is the case. I can only imagine it being very difficult to get both an ex-EverQuest end of game raid/farm/killfest player and Jane Q. Public, a 59 year old home maker who has only seen video games played briefly by her kids and grandkids, to enjoy the same game!

This fact alone is what brought me to this entry. A few simple tips about approaching progress, especially if you're closer to the Jane Q. Public spectrum (as hardcore raiders oughtta know this by now, but then again, the could be getting comfortable in their farm content, who knows?)

When progressing through new content, wipes are bound to happen. It doesn't matter how good your team is or how elite your gear: there is a chance to lose when you don't know what you're approaching.

I know a lot of people, I've run with them, seen them in General Chat, and heard them talking about it in Ventrilo, who call a run after two tries of facerolling by Boss X in Instance/Raid Y. I've found myself, at times, victim to a flaw that has caused me to panic in a situation I'd otherwise be cool-headed and calm in. Simply put, I get lazy with my farming content and don't think that the newer things might stretch my healing abilities as I approach them.

The first time I ran 5 man heroic Trial of the Champion, it took three tries to pick out the right first boss to kill, unluckily enough we managed to pull a wonderful hat trick of Warrior, Rogue, Shaman (we killed the Rogue first, Warrior Second, Shaman last by the way) and they absolutely handed our asses to us. A lot of time, I'll approach content that's new to me with at least SOME knowledge of what to expect, as I'm not in a top tier raiding guild, we're not focused on server firsts or throwing ourselves against a boss until we topple him. As much as I'd like it (at times) we aren't pushing to clear new content the day it comes out. Hell, I was on hiatus from the game when Ulduar came out originally, by the time I came back (4 months later) there was a wealth of information available to me, yet I still had an adaptation period to get used to the runs.

All this talking and nonsense filling your screen can honestly be boiled down into four points.
1.) Don't be afraid of wiping, it happens, and only by fighting and adapting will you succeed.
2.) Keep in mind how easy it is to fall into a farming routine and get lazy and unattentive. Running things that you typically avoid is a decent way to keep sharp, try to keep focused as if it were your first run/raid.
3.) If you're a little behind on content clearing, don't worry, the people before you are almost all
doing what they can to provide information to the community, don't be afraid to study a fight to get by that new boss your guild is attempting.
4.) This IS a game, and as shocking as it seems, it's supposed to be fun. Yes, to be in endgame we all have to put a little work in, but it should never feel like a second job. ALWAYS keep fun in mind, don't be afraid to walk away for a bit, it might do some good. Getting burnt out is NO fun, I promise.

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