Monday, August 17, 2009

Trust Issues: When is Too Much Enough?

I'm one of those healers who has issues trusting the other wound-menders and tank-touchers in a raid setting. I come from an extensive background (on Azjol'Nerub) of PuGging raids and finding the singly most unreliable healers server-wide. This had deeply ingrained in me the compulsive want to see everyone's health bar at full. It's subconcious, and a horrible thing to take part in.

This habit single-handedly causes more of my mana conservation issues than any other quirk of my healing style. I blame it on raid healing in a tank spec, but that honestly has nothing to do with it, I have trust issues (healing wise, anyways!) and in light of this I want to be able to help any healers who may share this full bar I'm-the-only-healer-who-can-do-it mentality.

In a raid setting, communication is key. If you're out of mana and down your innervate, make sure someone knows they may have to pick up a little extra load while your Mana Regen does its sweet, sweet job. I think, then, that the logical path is expecting the same behavior from the other healers. Sure, throwing an occasional Wild Growth to help them out isn't such a bad deal but I sometimes find myself unintentionally taking over their healing assignments while attempting my own at the same time. This causes many problems, not only by decimating my mana pool, but in causing massive overhealing to be done by overlapping heals with a Priest, Paladin, Druid, or Shaman, and in turn lowering my overall Healing Per Mana efficiency.

The tanks talk when they need taunts rotated, the DPS follows instruction on mobs to kill, healers should be communicating constantly. Whether this is in a private /healing channel, over Vent, or just in Raid, we need to keep the lines of communcation open. Maybe one day, when I've fully implemented this system among the Healers of We Fight for Glory, I will find my mana bar pleasantly difficult to drain in a six-minute fight.

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