Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Long Road of Silence: Return from the Hiatus and Guild Outlook

Now I know in the blogging community I'm not known well enough by this point for my hiatus to have been a marked affair, but I'm back. Since my last post about three months ago a lot of things have happened:
I worked six weeks straight of twelve hour days, seven days a week
Guari, NE Resto Drud is now Infimum Tauren Resto/Feral
I've migrated from Firetree to Twisting Nether
One of my co-worker Trainees is the GM of and I've become a member

This marked a lot of big changes for me, making my first healer my first Horde, also bringing in a new passion for levelling, attempting to get a Priest, Paladin, and Shaman to 80 in order to more fully understand the healing undertaking as well as to keep up with the GM's 4 tanks.

On a related note I've come to understand healing as a whole a bit better, but I will get into that once I've achieved level 80 on Metrics, Alcubierre, and Tacheon, (math/science nerds rejoice at this point once you figure out my naming pattern.) The thing I REALLY want to touch on in this is guild cooperation and overall pacification.

I like my guild, I like it a lot, but I've seen a lot of problems with peoples attitudes and talking down on one another that is accepted simply because "that's the way subjectx is!" or "oh, who cares, they're a good player." And while this is all fine and dandy with anyone who knows them or is willing to bite back or, gods bless them, ignore the individuals, anyone newly introduced to the guild is going to shirk back and refuse to input. I'm not going to lie, there are three or four people in that guild who I absolutely HATE playing with, yes they're good, but I've seen "I'm pro" or "you're a scrub" so many damn times by this point that I just want to choke the shit out of them.

Note to self and viable rule of thumb: if you're DPS and the raid lead hasn't called for it, don't whisper the druids and demand a battle rez because "these scrubs can't do this without my leet dps."
Also, a suggestion to GMs and Officers everywhere: Even if this person just has that "I'm a complete ass and subject only to my whim and fancy" attitude, reign them in for the raid, Morale is actually pretty important and leading off a raid with someone following your statements with "and don't suck, scrub" is not the way to attract positive attention for your guild.

This has been more of a welcome back soapbox than anything, I know, but it's just a simple reminder that a team works better when everyone works well with each other and you don't have someone screaming in /raid about how everyone sucks compared to mr. ret pally because he's top DPS by five or so points, and how he's "not even trying" or "wearing PvP gear."

It might take a few days/weeks for me to get back into the swing of things, but as I've progressed into ToC 10/25 regular and hard and seen numerous upgrades (but still haven't cleared Ulduar or upgraded my Naxx25 shoulders for god knows what reason) I'm learning the breadth and depth of my healing class and abilities. As I expand on said abilites I will be posting my own commentary, in guild matters, raids, five mans, and anything else I can muster, from a Druid PoV (followed by a Paladin, Shaman, and Priest, when I can get to them) for each boss Naxx to ToC and beyond.

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