Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Feels like Home

The guild I have become a part of in the last few months , Horde Side, Twisting Nether, pushes new content as soon as it comes out. Now we're not tops but our raid leader, and my real life friend, Beefshéild, knows what he's doing and he's all for progression. I'm going to go into my healing observations later, but I wanted to point out that as ICC develops, it becomes more and more interesting to be a healer.

I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty excited to see that CnK is 14th server side and 8th Horde side, I feel like I'm actually getting some work done, and if I'm hearing correctly, the healing lead actually complained to the GM when someone stood in for me. I've managed to pull off a few feats that make me proud, such as 2healing the first wing of ICC 10 with the GM's shaman alt when another 2 team couldn't manage it. That's just pride though and I don't want to seem a braggart, I'm really here to highlight what I've seen in the new raiding and to point out some personal resolutions with this blog.

So far in Icecrown Citadel, everything seems a bit more amped up. Now I'm not here to talk about old raid days or any of that because, frankly, I didn't start REALLY playing WoW until right before Burning Crusade. The trash pulls take more focus, hit harder, and have more abilities to watch than anything I have encountered up until this point. I really notice that as a healer, I'm dropping hots left and right, Rejuvenate on everyone, Wild Growth every time the cooldown is up, three-stacks of lifebloom on each tank, regrowth where it fits, swift mend too! And I find myself watching my mana and being so thankful for my spirit stacking tendencies (and for Nature's Swiftness/Healing Touch.)

I've really fallen into loop of brute force healing my way through content until this point. In ToC I could get away with Nourish spam and I've begun to realize that I developed some bad habits when it came down to spell selection, not because it was encouraged, but simply because I could. Running into the first trash pull, cocky, full of piss and vinegar really took the wind out of my sails and I've had to focus on bettering myself as a healer because of this. In my experiences, pre-healing is no longer a viable means to slack off during a fight, I have to THINK, I have to REACT and I have to do both in under a second. I need to parse data and decide who needs the heal worse, and all of this culminates in the first boss fight where I have two to three tanks taking the cleave, I have to heal, think, react, and stay out of the MOBILE fire.

Now, I know not all the fights are as mobile as Marrowgar, but I know for a fact Rotface IS, and it's very much enjoyable to be thinking, playing, enjoying and marveling, I've had to break my tunnel vision and focus on my healing, adjust my play-style, my healing priorities AND my UI so I can stay with all the events that are going on around me. These fights, in my opinion, are making it very ACTIVE for healers, learning new content, communicating and adjusting accordingly, all without making the fights feel too busy.


It's a new year and almost everyone has a resolution or two. Random goals we'd like to achieve, regardless of what benefit comes to us. I tend to take it light on my resolutions because I know at one point I'll forget I made it if it's too lofty, so I thought I'd make a couple of simple promises to myself for the coming year.

1. When I started this blog, I was all about it, I was learning my class that I thought I knew so well and I intended for it to be the SPOT for people to come. I know that is silly with everyone having a blog, I just want to update more, try slowly at first, a post a week, move it to two posts a week, and by mid July, be posting once a day, assuming I have something to post about. I think this is entirely achievable and may just get a few readers in here.

2. Work with others to get this Blog to the public: I know there are plenty of people out there who blog, and they do a damn good job at it, I'd like to add my input and maybe a little help where it's needed. I enjoy healing, it's what I love to do, so I want to help out in any way I can to spread the love around. It's eventful, it's stressful, and it's relaxing all at the same time. I really look up to Lodur, Matticus, and the guys at PlusHeal and TankSpot as posters and general positive points of the community, maybe I can offer a little help, too, who knows.

3. Use Twitter/Facebook/Myspace more: I really neglect these things as both contacts and promotions. I'm working on musical projects from a distance, gaming pretty hardcore, and basically forgetting to keep in touch ever since I moved to this place. It's a quiet, out of the way town and I sometimes forget that I don't really know anyone outside of the digital world.

Get more friends to play WoW: Just so I have some people I know in real life hanging around. What can I say, I'm cool like that.

So tell me, what are your opinions on the new bosses?

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