Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Quick Insight on Restoration Itemization

So, I've already broken one of my resolutions to start out blogging steadily, but I think I have time left this year to get back on that. I've really been diving into the community and silently spectating, gathering ideas and opinions and refitting my characters after a few talks with min/maxers.

I can now say, without a shadow of a doubt, that while in a raid Infimum is haste capped, and I can NOT stress the importance of investing in 5/5 Gift of the Earthmother and 3/3 Celestial Focus. Without cluttering this place up with math, I can tell you that when you're fully specced into these two talents, you need 735 Haste to achieve a 1 second global cool down. If you stack that haste with Glyph of Rapid Rejuvenation, your Rejuv changes from a 6 ticks over 18 seconds medium powered HoT, to a 6 ticks over 12 seconds HoT that you are casting every second.

If you take a look at Infimum you will see that I don't have her at 735 unbuffed, but I use Very Burnt Worg (+40stam/+40 Haste) and achieve just over the soft cap. I don't want you to be disillusioned here, in order to get that one second global cool down that has caused me to see a MASSIVE improvement in my healing output and has eased the burden on heavy Raid Damage fights like Festergut, you HAVE to have a Wrath of Air totem and either a Swift Retribution Aura or an Improved Moonkin Aura in the raid. At the moment, without outside buffs, fully specced you would need 1063 haste, which would gimp your other stats.

Aside from this revelation in me being completely blind to something as obvious as haste caps, I've begun balancing my spirit with spellpower, instead of blatantly stacking Spirit alone. I know, it's a horribly obvious thing to do, but certain people have certain styles of play, i've just rearranged my Priorities.

Previous Priorities in Itemization:
Current Prioritization:
Haste(Up to cap)>Spellpower/Spirit>Crit>Int

I consider both Spellpower AND spirit equally important, since Spirit effects our Mana conservation as a Resto druid, and Provides 15% of its total as Spellpower (With Improved Tree of Life), where Spellpower is... well, Spellpower!

On another note, I've begun working harder with the guild on my days off in ICC, while I missed the last run at Putricide, we've managed to get our core group stable and are seeing increases in performance, which leads me to another point, aside from my druidiotic ramblings.

I feel that as I work together with the same CORE team over a period of weeks, we develop a more natural, subconscious synergy, we know each others queues, and we go farther, faster because of this, but there are times where not everyone we're used to playing side by side with can make it, because of this we sometimes stifle progress for lack of adaptation. I'm challenging myself, because of this, to work with more PuGs than ever (on my healer, I PuG all the time on my tank) to create a stronger sense of adaptability. When I go into heroics on Infimum, it's run and gun, brute force heal and do it how I'm used to doing it, so I'm going to attempt to FOCUS, heal intelligently, don't just wallop their wounds with a blunt force nourish and Rejuv spam, and I encourage you to all do the same, regardless of gear level, approach the run like you have to conserve mana, see if it affects your play style or approach in general.

Maybe it will be fun.

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